We at JC Storage lease on site storage space in the form of shipping containers. These containers are perfect for individuals to securely store household goods or for small businesses to store excess inventory or archived records.

All of our containers are free standing, self contained, portable units for short or long term storage. Each container is easy accessible, tough, watertight and very secure.

We have two different sizes available :

20 foot x 8 foot 70 per month excluding VAT

40 foot x 8 foot 100 per month excluding VAT

Doors are perfectly sealed and require a single padlock for a secure fastening

20' x 8'6" - Length 233 inches, Width 91 inches, Height 92.8 inches

40' x 8'6" - Length 473 inches, Width 91 inches, Height 92.8 inches


Call : 01981 240 681

Mob : 07970 240 681



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